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Guide for Format for A Resume: Format Types

Format for a resume comes with 4 types of resume which you can choose one as the one that fits your need best. First type is chronological resume which starts by listing the work history of yours. Go with work history with the most recent positions listed first because it actually focuses on the experiences of most recent work. This is the most common type which works effectively to get the employers’ attention.

Second type of format for a resume is functional resume. Actually, even chronological type is the most common one, correct format for a resume is dependable. Like functional resume which focuses more on your skills and experience that you have. It emphasizes the skills and as well as capabilities that you have to show off your credibility. The job seekers can use this kind of resume type if they change works often or have gaps their employment work history.

Third type of format for a resume is combination resume. This resume type lists first the skills and experiences that you have, then the employment work history is listed after the chronological order so it will come with two sections, first is quite similar to functional type and second depicts your work experience’s timeline. For using this type of resume format, highlight the relevant skills to the job that you want and provide the chronological work history which the job employers look for. more info, read Working Experiences in Format of a Resume.

Fourth type of format for a resume is targeted resume. This type of resume focuses on the opening of a specific job and it is actually written to purposedly highlight the experiences and skills that are relevant to the job that you apply, specifically to the position that you aim. You should also insert the targeted cover letter which is typically written to be sent along with the targeted resume.

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