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Key That You Should Insert on High School Resume Format

High school resume format is actually simpler compare to the college and job resumes because it will not include the list of employment history and other details which are complex. The key details which you should mention in your resume are the contact details which involve your name, address, email and phone number. Remember that if the schools require the social security number, but if you worry there will be a kind of identity theft, you can leave it off.

High School Resume Format

Then, in high school resume format you also needs to mention the details of your education information. High school resume format for college application must be fulfilled with the your school’s name and address. Of course that you should include the GPA and student’s rank. You also need to mention the activities which can be in or out of school. The activities related to sports or even the ones which are relevant to specific major that you are going to take in the university or college.

After that, high school resume format may mention the experiences which are related to social. Mentioning the experiences such as taking part in a walk for cancer awareness or the contribution for science fair. By showing the details of social activities which you have done, it may make you are selected to attend the certain college or university.

Lastly, mention in high school resume format your accolades. The information which is related to experiences which are relevant to the university or college’s interest. Furthermore if the universities or colleges that you attend have specific sports or courses which are popular or stand out in its area. You should mention as many as you can the specific competitions. It may help you to get accepted and be the representative of your aimed college or universities. You can also see useful tips for college resume

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