Resume Outline For High School Students: Lists of What You Should Write

Are you getting confused with the difference between curriculum vitae and resume? If resume is what is necessary to be sent when you apply for a job, you can help yourself by searching for outline of a resume to help you. It is also useful when you have no idea what you should include when you are working on your resume. Thus, today we’ll help you by pointing out key elements you should state in your resume.

There are some key points important for you to state in any outline of a resume for high school students. When you already know what you should include, learning how to write a resume will not be a hard job anymore. First of all, you need to include a resume heading. The heading section states your name and contact information, including your address, phone or mobile number, e-mail address, and even a link to your LinkedIn account.

Resume Outline For High School Students

Resume Outline For High School Students

Next, may find an outline of a resume also includes a resume objective and career highlights or qualifications. Resume objective states your occupation goals. When you include it, write it down carefully to match key traits the employer seeks for the job you apply for. The career highlights or qualifications section is also called as summary statement. You need to list your achievements, skills, traits, along with experience you have which are related to the position you apply for.

The next one is personal experience section. This section for outline of a resume includes the names of companies, location, and dates you worked. Do not forget to write down the titles of job and responsibilities. We suggest you to use bulleted list to explain job responsibilities. Last but not least is your educational background. State the awards and honors you received in addition to the college you went to and what degree you were pursuing. There is some sample from

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