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Stunning Great Resume Templates for Attractive Impression

great resume template

Are you looking for the great resume templates to help you in making yours? Today, we have some cool resume templates with different characteristics to make the resume more interesting to see. Great resume templates will help you as a guide when you are writing yours. Even if you are the first-timer, the great examples are nothing but helpful reference for you. Well, it is a great luck if you are good in design. However, if you are kind of bad in graphic designing, you may find some useful and helpful free templates you can download from Internet.

Let’s start from the basic great resume templates. Despite the simple and standard design, these great resume examples are still the much more appealing versions than your standard Microsoft Word resume. You can see how these cool basic resume templates feature various font sizes for different purposes. For example, your name is written as a header in the largest font size while the headings are typed in, let’s say, 16 pt. size and subheadings in 14 pt. size. These basic templates look great with their creativity in mixing both black and grey-yet-still-readable font colors too.

What about adding a pop of color? Even though your resume is ideally written in white sheets, it does not mean colors couldn’t make it proper. Look at these great resume templates with pop of color which is added without disrupting the convenience in reading. You can simply add color for headers or for the resume header where your name is stated.

Speaking of header, there are many resume templates you will love with their bold header design. Bold header usually presents the popping color to make your resume would not be hard to notice by recruiter. You may even find ones with photos too, which will be really useful if you apply for a job in creative industry such as graphic or fashion designer and photographer. Even though some great resume templates are not available for sale, you can still ask your designer friends to make a template for you. thanks for visit recycled-notebook.com

great resume template

Photos of the Stunning Great Resume Templates for Attractive Impression

great resume template