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Three Types of Resume Styles

Writing a resume is a must when we want to apply for a job. This is the way the corporation recognize us in the first place. However, you cannot write it carelessly. There are a lot of resume styles that you can use to apply a job and this review will talk about those styles. The famous one is chronological style. The others are so many but this review will only talk about functional and nontraditional ones.

The first style is chronological type of resume styles. Chronological resume is the standard kind of the resume. This style basically lists your life phase, from the recent history into the past ones. Thus, the employer knows your recent jobs you did. If you have experiences, this style is suitable for you. It fortify your strength the company will likely to see easily what job did you took in a glance to see whether you are qualified enough to fill the position or not.

chronological type resume

The next types are functional resume types. This style highlights the positive ability of yours. Suppose you have good leadership ability, hiring, or coaching ability, you may use this kind of resume. These kinds of resume styles are suitable for those who have space in their works history. It is also useful for those who want a change in their career. For example a retail manager have good experiences in training, handling, and evaluating the employees and the ability will be shown more on functional type.

functional resume types

The employer will understand your ability although you need to sum up your work history in the past. Thus, to make different resume styles, you can try nontraditional resume. These types have different formats than the previous ones. You can add photos and visual aid; you can also change the order not in conventional way. Those types will be better if the position you wanted need creative people to fill.

creative resume sample

Photos of the Three Types of Resume Styles