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What to Write on Simple Resume Format

When you have finished your study (college or high school) then it is the time for you to start working. You have to make an application letter to begin with. You have to tell the truth about your resume or you will get difficulties in the future. Moreover, the resume is the only way the company see you in the first place. Thus, the resume should represent you as the real professional in the right way. A simple resume can give a good impression if you follow the review below about writing a simple resume format.

A simple resume format should have a brief introduction. Tell them where you find the job vacancy. You can make this with your own writing style. You may use a printed resume or a hand written one. A printed resume give better manner while a hand written resume show your sincerity. Tell them your education background and work experience. You better reconsider whether the company has inline value with your education or your past work experience to increase the chance for you to pass the first stage.

To make a simple resume format for student, you can past the working experience unless you have done some part time jobs. Some companies might consider a fresh graduate to be chosen. However, those who have tried the working phase will have bigger chance. Either way, the simple resume format in no more than two pages will be good.

The other thing to be considered in simple resume format is your achievements. These can boost your bargaining position in the company’s eye. Whenever you become a winner of a competition, or you become the one who has the highest score in final examination, you can still put it on your resume to show that you have a solid determination and they will not regret hiring you.

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